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Kristin Mothersbaugh is from a small farm in Ionia, Missouri, USA. Her mother, Ginny Mothersbaugh, is a lab technologist and her father, Roger Mothersbaugh, was a cattle rancher.

She has been acting since before she can remember, growing up constantly making films with her brother. Kristin studied acting, theatre, and film with a serious dedication through her education at Cole Camp middle and high school, State Fair Community College, and Missouri State University before moving to Los Angeles, CA.

Kristin has wrote, starred in, and produced her own staged one woman show Get Over Yourself and has appeared in a few commercials and many independent films including the award winning film You directed by Linton Semage and the award winning web series Mercredi's Monde. In addition to acting, she writes, directs, and produces multiple projects. She loves to collaboratively create. One of her collaborative production companies is 3 Corner's Entertainment. She also runs her own spiritually awakening and uplifting film and tv production company called Adventurine Entertainment. Just for fun, she hosts her own podcast Awakening Film & TV for those interested in sharing the love of conscious media.

She also has an affinity for spiritual readings, healings, and teachings as well. In addition to her creative pursuits, Kristin does spiritual work on a daily basis. She runs Cherry Blossom Spirituality as well as The Elven Temple. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys hiking, meditating, traveling, reading, yoga, spending time with her cat named Juno, and dabbling in other arts.

Kristin's acting niche is mysterious, adventurous, and otherworldly roles in fantasy and sci-fi genres, though she loves to explore outside of that as well. She hopes to inspire others through all her work and is especially excited for all the opportunities in film, theatre, and television to do so.

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