Here below you will find recent and current activity in Kristin's acting career, including training & classes, projects, & related content.

"Passage" has won it's very 1st award!


"Passage" that I created and star in is now an award-winning film! Very joyful and grateful!

It has also been accepted into the Indiefest Film Awards. This is a strong start for it's run in festivals so far and I'm very excited.

Lastly, here to the right below is my new on-brand under-a-minute Speed Reel. :D



Hello! GREAT NEWS!!! - I have finally completed my first Adventurine Entertainment project, my short drama/fantasy film called "Passage" with the amazing music from Forest Elves. The official trailer is viewable to the right below---> and the film is now being entered in to film festivals. It has just been accepted into it's 1st - the Hollywood Monthly Film Festival!


Other updates are that I am actively seeking representation and the pic to the right above---> shows my newly printed headshots :) 3 Corner's Productions' short western/fable "The Bargain" has also been accepted into the Pinewood Studios Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival! And my 1st Scenebot submission has received an honorable mention. You can view it HERE.

I am happy to be in private PEM coaching sessions again and also career coaching with Janet Urban of Friends in Film. Thanks all!

Updated Casting Materials Complete!


Hi all! I just had a super fun audition for the lead in a union feature as a vampire. :) Also, here is a still of one of my favorite new scenes for my casting materials called "The Wondrous Secret" for my U.K. Showreel. Below is a social media video showing my 2022 casting materials, also viewable here. I am currently submitting for and seeking representation now! --->

New serio-comedic monologue & am finishing up new acting materials


It's been a long time coming, and I am happy to say I am about finished with my new casting materials and will be submitting to rep very soon. A still of one of my new reel scenes, a mindbending sci-fi drama called "Unknown," is viewable here and a serio-comedic modern standard British RP accent monologue as well :)


New Dramatic Monologue & Article


I am so happy and grateful to be a part of this article from Make Good Creative Network on bad acting advice. Also, another update is that 3 Corner's Productions' "Sewn" has been in the Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival in the beginning of Sept. as a nominee for first time filmmaker awards! And lastly, my "Awakening Film and TV Podcast" now has 10 episodes up, and I filmed a dramatic monologue you can view here--->

The Bargain completed & In Festivals!


3 Corner's Productions fable western short "The Bargain" is now finished and in film festivals which will continue throughout the rest of 2022 & all of 2023. I play "the Witch," a supporting character who each of the 3 lead characters make a deal with. I wore prosthetics and lots of makeup for this creepy role. The making of this film was such fun with such a wonderful team! Here are the official poster and trailer---->

Sewn Completed & In Festivals!


3 Corner's Productions psychological thriller feature "Sewn" is now finished and in film festivals which will continue throughout the rest of 2022 & all of 2023. I play "Ana," a supporting character of a woman with amnesia who holds the key to a mysterious kidnapping. Here are the official poster and trailer---->

New Main Theatrical Headshot! & Sharing a fun tiktok comedy sketch :)


My new on-brand main theatrical headshot of "mysterious, adventurous, and otherworldly roles in fantasy and sci-fi genres" is up on casting sites now and I'm so proud of it! I think it's the strongest I've ever had. Also, here is a "Titanic" sketch from January that I had a blast creating and wanted to share:

Official Passage Poster & Voyage LA Magazine Interview!


Hi! As I am finishing up post production editing for my short film "Passage" and getting my new acting materials together, I decided to take the time to complete a press interview - so grateful! Here it is! My brother Dustin Mothersbaugh painted a gorgeous watercolor for the "Passage" Official poster & here is also the teaser trailer for the film made back in January----->

Cast in a drama/thriller/action feature film!


I auditioned in person a couple weeks ago for the lead character in the next Saltwater Films & Networks feature film my Lauren A. Benjamin and Benjamin Jeff. Yesterday, I had a callback audition in-person and it went really well. Afterwards, I was contacted and offered a substantial, powerful supporting role. I accepted and am very grateful and excited for this venture. Also, I have begun my podcast "Awakening Film & TV" available on Youtube and Spotify to share the love of spiritual concepts in movies and shows. The intro episode is here --->