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Here below you will find recent and current activity in Kristin's acting career, including training & classes, projects, & related content.

New Dramatic Theatrical Reel Scene



Here is a photo from the recent Iris Klein Acting Workshop and my new GAT Studios produced dramatic theatrical reel scene! I am happy with the rich subtleties in it :)

Wishing you all a lovely March!

Won Best Actress in Thailand & Attended a 1 Day Intensive Acting Workshop with Iris Klein!



I am so grateful to have won a best actress award in the Thailand Independent Film Festival and to have had such a great time at the Iris Klein acting workshop I attended at GAT Studios in Santa Monica - photos of it viewable on my social medias. This workshop was my 1st time in an acting class with other people in years, as I have been doing private online coaching which I prefer, but I really had a lovely experience.

Voyage LA Magazine also published this little Shoutout LA article viewable HERE.

Lastly, I'm beginning to finish catching up posting on social medias my previous reel scene stills of note, and the one below has been one of the strongest on every theatrical reel I've ever made and I had to re-share it - such a whimsical comedic scene. Hope you enjoy!

Prepping for a new theatrical reel scene & new commercial headshots.


Hi! As my am prepping for the rest of my more professionally updated casting materials now that I am fully rep'd with an awesome manager and agent, I wanted to update that I had a fantastic network audition which was a blast!

I was interviewed on the Ryoichi Talk Show which you can view on his IG page, the films mentioned in previous posts are continuing to win fest awards, and also to the right and below is a super short dramatic clip called "Get Out of Here" inspired by zombie media :)

Signed with a new agent and new branding photo.


Hi!!! To the right is my new branding photo! It is for use on social media, my IMDB, and this website, not casting sites. I like it's warm, welcoming, and more pretty appeal while being very marketable for my brand.

Also, I am delighted to announce that I am now also represented by Virginia Arlene of Quartz Talent Agency! She represents me for theatrical, commercial, voiceover, and print. We had a good phone meeting and I am excited to work with her.

To the right is a short comedic clip called "Forgetful" - hope you enjoy!

New Theatrical Headshots and Voiceover Reel!


Hope you all are having a great 2023 so far! I am back from visiting my family in Missouri and recovered from a cold.

At GAT Studios with my new manager Magda, I got new theatrical headshots taken by Jose Andres Cortes viewable HERE with my favorite you can see to the right. They are super strong and I am so happy with them!!! I also recorded with Jose at GAT Studios a new professional VO reel in a booth, and am so happy with the longer clips in this one. Check it out to the right below!

And 3 Corner's Productions' "Sewn" & "The Bargain" and Adventurine Entertainment's "Passage" have continued winning multiple international film festival awards!!! YAY!

Signed with a new manager and films winning multiple awards.


A lot has happened in a month's time!

3 Corner's Productions' "Sewn" & "The Bargain" and Adventurine Entertainment's "Passage" have been winning multiple international film festival awards!!! It's so wonderful. Much much gratitude.

Also, I am absolutely thrilled to announce I have signed with Magda Fuskova of GAT Management! We had a great meeting and I have signed the contract. I am so grateful and excited.

Lastly, I wrote a new blog post viewable HERE. To the right below is my rough UK Showreel I made just for fun. Wishing you a great end of the year and beginning of 2023. :)

"Passage" has won it's very 1st award!


"Passage" that I created and star in is now an award-winning film! Very joyful and grateful!

It has also been accepted into the Indiefest Film Awards. This is a strong start for it's run in festivals so far and I'm very excited.

Lastly, here to the right below is my new on-brand under-a-minute Speed Reel. :D



Hello! GREAT NEWS!!! - I have finally completed my first Adventurine Entertainment project, my short drama/fantasy film called "Passage" with the amazing music from Forest Elves. The official trailer is viewable to the right below---> and the film is now being entered in to film festivals. It has just been accepted into it's 1st - the Hollywood Monthly Film Festival!


Other updates are that I am actively seeking representation and the pic to the right above---> shows my newly printed headshots :) 3 Corner's Productions' short western/fable "The Bargain" has also been accepted into the Pinewood Studios Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival! And my 1st Scenebot submission has received an honorable mention. You can view it HERE.

I am happy to be in private PEM coaching sessions again and also career coaching with Janet Urban of Friends in Film. Thanks all!

Updated Casting Materials Complete!


Hi all! I just had a super fun audition for the lead in a union feature as a vampire. :) Also, here is a still of one of my favorite new scenes for my casting materials called "The Wondrous Secret." Below is a social media video showing my 2022 casting materials, also viewable here. I am currently submitting for and seeking representation now! --->

New serio-comedic monologue & am finishing up new acting materials


It's been a long time coming, and I am happy to say I am about finished with my new casting materials and will be submitting to rep very soon. A still of one of my new reel scenes, a mindbending sci-fi drama called "Unknown," is viewable here and a serio-comedic modern standard British RP accent monologue as well :)


New Dramatic Monologue & Article


I am so happy and grateful to be a part of this article from Make Good Creative Network on bad acting advice. Also, another update is that 3 Corner's Productions' "Sewn" has been in the Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival in the beginning of Sept. as a nominee for first time filmmaker awards! And lastly, my "Awakening Film and TV Podcast" now has 10 episodes up, and I filmed a dramatic monologue you can view here--->

The Bargain completed & In Festivals!


3 Corner's Productions fable western short "The Bargain" is now finished and in film festivals which will continue throughout the rest of 2022 & all of 2023. I play "the Witch," a supporting character who each of the 3 lead characters make a deal with. I wore prosthetics and lots of makeup for this creepy role. The making of this film was such fun with such a wonderful team! Here are the official poster and trailer---->

Sewn Completed & In Festivals!


3 Corner's Productions psychological thriller feature "Sewn" is now finished and in film festivals which will continue throughout the rest of 2022 & all of 2023. I play "Ana," a supporting character of a woman with amnesia who holds the key to a mysterious kidnapping. Here are the official poster and trailer---->

New Main Theatrical Headshot! & Sharing a fun tiktok comedy sketch :)


My new on-brand main theatrical headshot of "mysterious, adventurous, and otherworldly roles in fantasy and sci-fi genres" is up on casting sites now and I'm so proud of it! I think it's the strongest I've ever had. Also, here is a "Titanic" sketch from January that I had a blast creating and wanted to share:

Official Passage Poster & Voyage LA Magazine Interview!


Hi! As I am finishing up post production editing for my short film "Passage" and getting my new acting materials together, I decided to take the time to complete a press interview - so grateful! Here it is! My brother Dustin Mothersbaugh painted a gorgeous watercolor for the "Passage" Official poster & here is also the teaser trailer for the film made back in January----->

Cast in a drama/thriller/action feature film!


I auditioned in person a couple weeks ago for the lead character in the next Saltwater Films & Networks feature film my Lauren A. Benjamin and Benjamin Jeff. Yesterday, I had a callback audition in-person and it went really well. Afterwards, I was contacted and offered a substantial, powerful supporting role. I accepted and am very grateful and excited for this venture. Also, I have begun my podcast "Awakening Film & TV" available on Youtube and Spotify to share the love of spiritual concepts in movies and shows. The intro episode is here --->

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