Here below you will find recent and current activity in Kristin's acting career, including training & classes, projects, & related content.

New Dramatic Theatrical Reel Scene


This original scene turned out nicely I believe and will be expanded with shorter clips to form a new dramatic theatrical reel soon. Also am working on my new commercial, voiceover, and comedic theatrical reels.

Teaser Poster & Trailer for "Passage"


A short film I've been working on for a long time as my first project for my production company Adventurine Entertainment, is now being completed. Here is the teaser poster and teaser trailer!!! I'm so incredibly happy about this film.

Dark Couple Kiss Romance Movie Poster Portrait(1).jpg
1st Youtube Video for Actors and Creatives!!!


My first video to help support artists is out there in the world now. Hope you enjoy :)

Called back for the lead in an Amazon pilot & poster for my comedic short "The Life of Ingrid"


I am thrilled to announce I've had my first callback for a network pilot for a leading role as a busy flight attendant and artist via zoom!!! It was a wonderful experience and I will find out if I am chosen for round 3 in the spring of 2022. Also, here is my agoraphobic mouth breathing comedic character short film poster!

New Main Theatrical Headshot & YouTube Intro


My new main theatrical headshot is now up on all casting sites, IMDB, social media, & viewable in the Casting Materials tab. Also, I finally made an Intro Video for my YouTube channel! ---->>>



I've finally got professional quality filming and voice over equipment! I've also had some awesome self-tape auditions this year. I got my first callback for a lead in a short and also had my first in-person audition since the pandemic started for the lead in a feature. I wanted to share one of my recent self tapes, so here ya go! --->>>

Keeping Busy


Been sharing throwbacks on social media to past acting work, practicing my P.E.M. technique and Voice Dialogue Acting, performed in an online comedy show, and "Mercredi's Monde" continues to be selected into film festivals. I also shot this scene with Jill Tenney from the play "Butcher of Baraboo" --->>>

Quarantine Virtual Theatre & Voice-Over


Hope you all are well. I've been doing a lot of play reading in Jill Tenney's Virtual Theatre of Santa Monica Group which has been so lovely. I also booked my first voiceover job in a comedy sketch by Jim Garrett! --->>>