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Wonderwomen in Hollywood

June 8, 2017


 Last night was the culmination of the 2 month Women in Hollywood Class taught by Ariane Price at the Actor's Company in Hollywood. I had first signed up for the class because I had a couple extra bucks and was itching for an acting class around that time, as I hadn't really taken one in what felt like forever. It included a performance at the end of our own original work which made me excited. I also always get upset with the obvious sexism in the industry here and wanted to find my own sense of womanly power in it, as well as meet some powerful women that also feel the need for change. 


These past months with these amazing strong and talented women really have been a transformative time for me. The classes we have had were so explorative, deep and honest, fun and challenging, and freaking inspiring. We shared something individually special with one another every class. I performed a quirky piece just for fun last night called "Graduation Party" which was completely different than everyone's - but every single person's was so unique! It was beautiful!


Spiritually speaking, I have been working with Goddess Kali lately - the Hindu Goddess of Destruction. And her presence has been so strong throughout this class. I have destroyed old views of myself as a woman in this industry. Woo!


I have come out of this class feeling more empowered, confident, and strong. I am so thankful to all these wonderful WONDERWOMEN including dear Ariane, the pioneer who also felt the need for this and paved the way for this super valuable class. She is a true leader. The tide is changing in media and entertainment! "Wonderwoman" just released in theatres, (which I still need to see), and with more and more shows and films with female leads and women working in other roles in the industry such as "Big Little Lies," "House of Cards," "Dear White People" and "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" - to name a few I've been Netflix binging, it's so exciting! This is part of it!

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