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The Start of my Groundlings Journey

June 20, 2017

Last night I began the epic journey of the core track (the professional comedian/actor training classes that go up in levels to eventually start the performance track) at the prestigious Groundlings improvisation school. How freaking exciting! My teacher is Scott Beehner of the Main Company. The Basic course I signed up for is Jun 19th - Sept. 18th 2017.


My history with improv is a transformative one. I always loved having a script in middle school, high school, and college. When I saw improvisers perform I was either like "Damn they are so good! How smart and talented! That's amazing!...But how scary and intimidating...I can't do that," or "What fucking annoying egotistical attention seekers that just think they are so witty and funny...I never want to be like them." So in either viewpoint, I had always shied away from it.


When I graduated from Missouri State University, my last meeting with my professors was the moment I realized I couldn't shy away any longer. My teachers were clear that wherever I went, I would benefit tons from improv training and should do it. So I kept that in mind when I moved to Los Angeles. I had seen a couple shows at different places and loved them. I kept hearing you need improv training to book commercials. I did Levels 1 & 2 of improv at L.A. Connection and Comedy Theatre, which helped me learn basic rules and game exercises, and I even got to perform once in the famous Comedy Store. I had also heard many times that for good representation and for casting directors to take you seriously as an actor here, you need to have one of the big 4 improv schools on your resume - UCB, Second City, I.O., or Groundlings. While I felt I had conquered lots of fear studying at L.A. Connection and I knew I needed to try one of these schools as soon as possible, money was too tight. They are expensive. So I asked different actors I met and friends about each school of thought. They all sounded so awesome and so many talented people have come out of each! I decided to wait until I had the money. Then I would decide. I ended up trying my first stab at Stand Up Comedy taking a class under Dante, knowing it was somewhat related to improv work, and I loved it. That was more inexpensive at the time and was an awesome new kind of valuable training I liked where I got to perform at the end.


In 2017, I had developed a way better financial situation for myself. I knew this was the year to start some hardcore improv training! After researching more, I decided The Groundlings sounded like the best bet for me - as I tend to approach comedy with character work (Kurt & Ingrid are a couple examples of this). It's just more natural for me. I took the Intro to Improv class at Groundlings a month or two ago and knew this is where I was meant to go. I auditioned to Basic and passed! The shows I have seen at Groundlings are so incredible. I can't wait to learn everything!  So, starting last night was a huge deal!!!! :D


I also still am in the A-Z Commercial Technique class at Keep it Reel Acting Studio under Paul Hungerford and Judy Kain for one more week. Man that class is an awesome and powerful one! I have definitely seen a change in myself over the course of the last 5 weeks there. I am still taking P.E.M. private skype coaching sessions with Sarah Victoria which are super powerful as well. Currently I am also researching notable scene study classes and am reaching out to maybe audit a couple to take in the future.


This past week, I have been working hard submitting for representation and have had a couple of auditions, which is more than I have ever had so far in my 3 years and some change here. It takes lots of work. I just finished my new reel and site and am in these new classes, wanting bigger auditions and more opportunities than just what I get self-submitting. I am also on TalentLink. Fingers crossed I find a good fit soon! Spiritually, I have moved from working with Kali instead to Lakshmi and having been saying her chants lately. I even taught "Shreem Brzee" to my students in a class I taught at House of Intuition the other day. I have also moved from working with obsidian to working with rose quartz. I love seeing the transformation. Cool stuff!


Anyway, to wrap it up, acting stuff is looking up! Groundlings is awesome and I'm excited to be training there. Much love!














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