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Headshot Dilemma

February 3, 2018

Hi there!



Happy beginning of February! We are up and running in 2018 now, with that powerful Super Blue Moon and Eclipse thing that just happened. Intense and awesome stuff. I've been doing lots of healing - still on-going...always, right?


Got some great news - I will be submitted theatrically for this pilot season on a trial run a management team. This is a huge moment for me. I have been working for years and years to have something like this. The manager is so sweet and was happy that I am in the age range of late teens to early twenties. She genuinely likes my credits and theatrical headshot and wants to help me out. I am so grateful and so excited!


In other acting news, I am loving and continuing the weekly Brian Reise Acting Studio classes and just finished my commercial auditioning class with casting director Laurie Records. Laurie gave great feedback on my acting and lots of constructive criticism on my headshots...She literally told me the opposite thing I've been told many times about headshots. She said mine don't do anything for her, they don't tell her how to cast me, they are not specific enough. She wants a sort of caricature character picture for each type with an obvious but not cheesy costume. I was like WTF?! I have been paying for headshots every year that "elude" to certain types...not spell them out. I was always told to give a hint but not get campy like those old black and white headshots where comedic actors had literally full on ridiculous costumes. And then I am always told to "just be yourself." Well, after my frustration moment, I got to thinking. I have not been called in much with my current commercial shots from my commercial agent or self-submissions. I'm obviously being submitted with the submission reports I get every month and because I also submit myself, must be my headshots. And then I read this amazing article that I of course can't locate now - it stated that some actors get launched through their career with their "just yourself" or "slightly eluding" headshots. They have a specific ethnicity, hair, different facial feature, or are just those super pretty modelly type of people that are so drop dead gorgeous of course they are being called in. Then there are those like me - with a wide demographic, in this case more average mid-western looking blue eyed brown haired petite caucasian young woman with a smiley hair down commercial shot. It's those type of people that need to get more specific. Just to stand out from the crowd. Because that big smile and personality shining through still doesn't get you noticed if you seem to similar to the rest. And Laurie advised me on certain types and what to wear to help me out - many types. The problem with that is that headshots are expensive (at least for me) and usually only include like 2 or maybe 3 looks for professional photographers. We hear so much contradicting advice about everything in our careers every single day. I get the struggle. And it's all about doing what feels right in your gut. So my advice is do what you can afford and don't be too elusive or campy either, be as specific and authentic as possible. Hope this helps.


I also shot the promo short for the union webseries I am in that will shoot later this year! Super stoked about it - it's freaking hilarious.


And I'm starting to write some cool stuff with my friend and am getting moving with my spiritual stuff some more. I started teaching yoga and leading meditations this month and it's going well! 


Hope you all are doing great <3 Thanks for reading!












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