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July 30, 2018


Hello hello! It has been a couple of months of much change. A lot is happening astrologically and woo, it's a lot! Right?! 


So without getting super personal, a lot has shifted for me and I feel more powerful and strong than I think maybe I ever have. It's a super great thing.


One thing that has shifted on the acting front, is that I met with a couple agencies in June and have signed with a commercial one. I just got new commercial headshots by Robert Olin Studios which is super exciting.


I am excited for what is to come from them and am happy to have had lots of practice with specific looks from shooting with Carrie of Winbird Photography a few months back, who helped me land these agent interviews with those shots.


Also, I appeared for one second as a guest in Westworld Season 2 of the last episode "The Passenger," in the last few minutes, which was so fun to be a part of!





Another thing of note is that I have continued reading my acting technique books, and have really resonated with one called A Balancing Act by Emmanuelle Chaulet. It is a holistic spiritual technique for acting called Energize, which has now shifted into Voice Dialogue Acting. I am planning on studying with Emmanuelle in the very near future and am continuing my sessions with Sarah Victoria for P.E.M. Those are the classes I am focusing on at the moment, though I plan on going back to Groundlings very soon. One main point I feel like saying about this is that my journey to find the most resonant acting techniques for me has been a looooong one. I have learned not to judge although I used to, and I used to feel very strongly about what was "right" and "wrong." I don't think there actually is a right or wrong. It is all about what rings true to the actor and creates the most compelling, believable, and impactful performance. While I have taken bits and pieces from the many techniques I have read about and studied, it literally took me years to find a foundation of a technique I don't have a resistance with and that works for me. Mine happen to be new ones that not many people know about. And now I can piece together all the tools that work for me with the foundation of techniques that work for me, and create my own process for myself. I will update you on this as it progresses. How empowering it feels! So if you are having any struggles connecting with any techniques or processes or methods for acting, I recommend you to keep searching and figuring yourself out, and in time you will find what you need to form your own.


I am working on a lot of other stuff, but to put it in a nutshell with out saying too much too soon, exciting stuff is to come. I will update you all as these things are born! 




Many blessings to all of you!!!



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