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November 21, 2018



 It has been quite a few months. I have moved twice to live by myself and am so happy to have this space, freedom, and independence after a lots of shake ups in my personal relationships. I have also dropped my representation to find a new team that is of the calibur and resonance I am looking for. In addition, I got all new headshots this fall from Robert Olin Studios and Stephanie Girard Photography, and am in the process of making an entirely new reel for myself. A clean slate.


I have had a lot of inspiration to do this from people like Erica Wernick, Wendy Braun, Christine Horn, and from spiritual teachings of Teal Swan, Abraham Hicks, and Bridget Neilsen. I realize the importance of investing time, energy, and money into my career that is of super high vibration.


What do I do on the daily anymore? I am working for Liberate Emporium and Liberate Hollywood as well as my own business Cherry Blossom Spirituality, but leaving enough time out of work to focus on my acting goals. I can't get everything done overnight, but am making steady progress. I am in class again at Groundlings, am taking online classes for P.E.M. still, and am continuing online Voice Dialogue Acting classes. I am in the process of writing and filming new reel scenes and am writing the webseries with my friend still. Finishing editing of my short film Passage is still in the works, as well as self-submitting, searching for new rep, and auditioning for projects on my own.


I have so many plants at my new tiny little place and my cat and I find it very cozy. I am exploring more of my own spirituality of white witchcraft and spells more than I ever have before, which for someone that has not fully allowed themselves to explore this before because of their very contradictory Christian upbringing, I find it very freeing and empowering with nothing evil at all about it. I am in the works of getting back into hot yoga and am starting The Artist's Way again too. Self-care with strong boundaries and making my goals a priority is a way to stand in my authenticity and power without caring what others think in a way I never have before. It's a very freeing feeling. 


I am still reading acting books of differing thought, as well as philosophy and spirituality. I have much to comprehend and soak in still, but am very happy on the journey.


Happy travels to you all as well and thanks for tuning in and reading, and also, Happy Thanksgiving!






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