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January 8, 2019

Happy New Year! 


Hope all had a lovely holiday season. :) I am back from a lovely visit with my family in Missouri which is always wonderful. This was actually a special visit back because I got to see some family members I haven't for years, and it feels like we ended an old era. The slow pace, gloomy clouds, and cold frost of December in the heartland of America are a great change of environment for me as well to just pause, release, and digest all of 2018. I love Missouri too. I miss just seeing cows outside my bedroom window at times. Visiting keeps me in touch with my roots and reminds me why I am even in Los Angeles in the first place. Most of all though, spending time with my cat cuddling mother, my philosophy teaching brother, and his master baker wife are what it's all about for me. Even if they always make fun of me for my veganism :) 


I have news in a few areas:


* I have joined my first theatre company! It's called The Vagrancy. It is a non-profit company that produces original plays. Their mission statement follows: "The Vagrancy creates visceral work that seeks to touch the human spirit. We embrace fear, vulnerability, and embarrassment – inviting the audience to experience a communion. We hope to spark a dialogue of questions and compassion, exposing a shared universal truth. We forge new, lesser-known, and classical works with that ineffable something. Duende.​" So excited to get started working with other like minded theatre lovers and produce fresh theatrical art in LA!


* I have been collaborating, writing, filming and editing a few scenes, more on that soon. Very rejuvinating, inspiring, and satisfying! Very stoked for the future of these collaborations.


* I got interviewed by my boss at Liberate Hollywood for Liberate the Podcast regarding my spiritual work and views with the subject of coming out of the spiritual closet viewable here: I am working on getting Cherry Blossom Spirituality's foundations built as well. 


* I passed Groundlings basics with Kimberly Condict as my instructor! I am now prepping for Intermediate! so excited and happy! I feel Kimber really helped me create in improv in a next level kind of way I have been working hard for a long time on getting to. Extremely grateful! Loved my classmates as well!


Well, without saying too much too soon, those are my updates in a nutshell. I am still writing new stand up material, taking PEM & Voice Dialogue Acting classes, and searching for new rep. Things are energetically feeling on the up and up, and after a chill start to my new year, I feel the wave of fun busyness coming in. 


Hope you all are having a great 2019 so far! 


Many blessings,








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