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Mercredi & Manifesting

December 8, 2019



This fall to winter has been a wonderful time for me and hopefully for whoever is reading as well! In general, The 6 week run of the play" Constantinople" I was in went super greatly and was an unforgettable experience. I feel so blessed to have been able to connect with such a rich history and be a part of telling this important story. I grew and learned much as an actor during the process as well, truly connecting with the character and even though it fluctuated every performance, I had a real communication with her and felt her flowing through me every time. To spend that much time originating a role is so fulfilling as an artist. We are nominated in multiple areas for the Broadway World Theatre Awards - to vote for us, please click here! Much appreciated! That's the first time I have been nominated for an acting award since college. Very thankful. Here is a production pic with a few quotes from some of the great reviews of the show taken by Armineh Hanovasian. Some productions pics of my character Zabelle are viewable on the Theatre Pics page:



Also during October, the web series "Mercredi's Monde" dropped all 5 episodes!!! CHECK THEM OUT HERE! They tuned out so funny and creepy and man...I feel very grateful to be such a fun character and the lead of this. I owe so much gratitude to Jill Tenney of Jetflix Films who is the mastermind creator behind the world of Mercredi. Excited for it to continue growing!



And in November, the episode of "City Kitties" I was in dropped called "Karen and Friends." Happy to be a part of these vignettes made by women about women living in a big city - much fun!




In other news, I am editing lots on reel footage now to get proudly done soon and submit for new representation that is supportive. I am thankful for the representation I have had in the past, but none have really lined up with what I truly desire. It's time! Also, Cherry Blossom Sprituality is a solo entrepreneur venture now and finally launching videos on Youtube and Vimeo. I couldn't be happier about it, as I always knew that is what my spiritual business needed to do and become a part of those platforms. Yay! I'm also writing a few things that are still in baby stages. Overall I feel like I am finally able to get this huge to-do-list I have had for the 5 1/2 years I've been in LA tackled. It's a great feeling to have decluttered and now really grow a new foundation for my passions in a productive and joyful way. I am staying in LA for the holidays and am able to enjoy working on all of this plus enjoying good books, good shows, trying to get into a regular work out routine going, and have valuable time with my cat and boyfriend this December before I visit my family in Missouri in January. I have been having some good auditions and I feel like my audition game is growing strong (woo!) Life is really becoming more and more beautiful and magnificent the more I allow it to. Manifesting is finally happening. Feeling very creative and that 2020 is a huge portal year for anyone who wants to walk through it. Many blessings all around!


And I wish you many blessings! Thanks for checking out my updates!





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